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Student "Serve Day" from a Teacher's Perspective

When the morning of GCA’s Serve Day came around, a great group of students and teachers gathered around and headed that way. Upon arrival, Carissa (the Ranch Director) and her playful dog Ember greeted us, along with a few other ranch volunteers. The students were divided up into groups to help with various activities around the ranch. Some students helped dig trenches in the dirt, while other students helped clean off saddles, and another group cleaned out water troughs. We then moved onto a game that involved two blindfolded students in the arena, two horses, and two other students to help guide their way! The blindfolded students were to find rings that were placed throughout the arena, and stick them onto poles to win the game. Both teams used teamwork to try and communicate with their teammates, who shouted form the sidelines, while also maneuvering around two large horses who were also in the arena-ha! Afterwards, both teams gathered around to discuss what they learned from this game, and how it might apply to life at GCA. The students shared many insightful answers about trust, teamwork, communication, and ultimately about their faith in God. The students also got to hear about a few of the rescue horses’ stories and about their journey from hopelessness to hope. The students got to love on them, too! I am always amazed at how God uses Freedom Reigns and everyone there to teach us so much about His heart. I am grateful for the day we had to enjoy some fresh air, work together, and serve this amazing ministry! Looking forward to the next time!

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