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*Please Note: All visits to the Ranch are by appointment only!

There’s always a lot to do at the ranch, and while many opportunities involve horses, teens, or younger kids, there are plenty of opportunities to serve in other areas that match your talents and interests! 

We also welcome volunteers from all walks of life. Our staff and Session Leaders are Christians who believe that the best way we can show God's love is to put our faith into action by serving and loving people well, and these leaders will speak about their faith openly. However, we do not require volunteers in any other position to be of a certain belief. At no time will our commitment to Ranch participants or volunteers waiver due to a different belief. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: We ask that all regular volunteers be age 15 or above for safety reasons. If you would like to volunteer as a family or you have younger children who want to volunteer, please check out upcoming Community Work Days. 


We welcome individuals and groups to come to the Ranch for a one-time service project or on an on-going basis. If you want to sign up a group for a day of volunteering at the ranch, please fill out this form and we will send you our available days.


Horse Care Team
Commitment: 2+ days per month
Activities include feeding horses, throwing hay, filling water troughs, cleaning tack, mucking paddocks and stalls, and general barn-keeping.

Ranch Assistants ("RA's")
Commitment: 2+ days per month for at least 1 full season
Activities include assisting Session Leaders by helping to carry things, running to get tack, helping to tack up, watching for safety issues, sidewalking if needed, helping participants mount, going to get horses, and anything else they need help with.

Session Leaders
Commitment: 2+ days per month for 1 year
Activities include planning and leading mentor sessions, being involved in mentor groups, and helping with barn chores.

Barn Team

Commitment: One-time or on-going
Activities include nonhorse-facing tasks like weed eating, landscaping and gardening, heavy equipment work, cleaning and conditioning tack, throwing hay during the fall and winter, general barn-keeping (dusting, raking, cleaning, and organizing), building projects, and helping with the general stewardship of the Ranch. 

If you're interested in joining the Barn Team on a one-time or committed basis, please email us at



1) Fill out the waiver and volunteer application. You will be required to submit a picture of your Photo ID with the application. You can also email with any questions.​​​

2) Attend a "Round-Up" - a tour of the Ranch. Please RSVP for date, time, parking, and other information by emailing

3) Email at least two letters of recommendation from leaders—such as your pastor, supervisor, teacher, or mentor-to We will also set up a volunteer interview with you at the Ranch before training starts.

4) START TRAINING! Our volunteer coordinator will email you with training dates. Come with a teachable spirit, and we’ll help you learn! You’ll probably find that you gain far more than you give. :)


Caroline Elizabeth Photography

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