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Ministry Needs

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On a ranch, there are certain things you can just never have enough of! We’d love it if you can donate any of these items to meet our ongoing ministry needs: 

Large or One-Time Items

Want to drop an item off? Have an item you want to give but aren’t sure about? Want to donate a horse or pony? Email us at, or call 615-721-2550.


We also welcome financial donations at any time. When you donate financially, you help us buy the supplies we need to care for our horses and serve Ranch participants. 


​You can donate by purchasing an item on our Amazon wishlist.

Click here to see our list.

Amazon Wishlist

Horse Care Needs List:

Caring for a herd of 13 horses certainly takes a lot of resources! One of the ways we support this need is through horse sponsorship. However, since a few of our horses are still waiting on sponsors, there are things that we need regularly to help care for our entire herd. Can you help by purchasing one of the items below?
We prefer to purchase our items at our local feed store, Bonnie’s Barnyard, Franklin Saddlery, Maury County Farmer's Co-op, and FarmVet. If you’d like to purchase one of these items for us, simply call 615-395-7679 (Bonnie’s Barnyard), 931-388-0714 (Maury Co Co-op), or 615-790-7860 (Franklin Saddlery) as these stores do not have an online marketplace.
 We’ve provided links to Farmvet Below:

Medications for Horses on Prescription at Farmvet:

  • Dorm Gel - $25 (necessary for Remi and Joseph for Farrier 1x/mo)

  • Sozen Supplement - $98 (for Remi)

  • Previcox - $53/horse/month (necessary medicine for Cyrus, Boston, and Toby)

  • Pracend -  $171 (necessary medicine for Remi)

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