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Ministry Needs

On a ranch, there are certain things you can just never have enough of! We’d love it if you can donate any of these items to meet our ongoing ministry needs: 

Session and Kids' Items

  • Cowboy or paddock boots (all sizes)

  • Large/leather journal making supplies

  • Helmets in good condition (NO impact falls)

  • Gift cards to Hobby Lobby and Walmart

  • Easy-assemble projects like bird houses, toy planes, and walking/paver stones

Horse Care Items

  • Durasole 

  • Laser Sheen or Show Sheen

  • Cowboy Magic Detangler

  • Timothy Balance Hay Cubes (Triple Crown)

  • DAC Bloom high-fat supplement

  • Equinity (supplement)

  • Triple Crown Senior Horse Feed

  • NANRIC Biotin 100 hoof supplement

  • Triple Crown 30% Ration Balancer Horse Feed

  • Fly Spray (prefer Ultra Shield Black or Red)

  • Grass Hay (orchard grass, timothy, fescue)

  • Ramard Total Joint Care powder or Recovery EQ (powder)

  • HAY: alfalfa, orchard, and/or timothy bales (square or round)

  • Gift cards to Bonnie’s Barnyard (our local feed store) and Equine Performax Veterinary Services (our veterinarian)


Land and Barn Items

  • Hardy flowering plants

  • Potting and nutrient-rich top soil

  • Bermuda and tall fescue grass seed

  • Leather cleaning and conditioning products

  • Cornerstone Plus (non-discriminatory) Weed Killer

  • Gift cards to Lowe’s and Home Depot

Large or One-Time Items (updated 1/5/2023)

Want to drop an item off? Have an item you want to give but aren’t sure about? Want to donate a horse or pony? Email us at, or call 615-721-2550.


We also welcome financial donations at any time. When you donate financially, you help us buy the supplies we need to care for our horses and serve Ranch participants. 

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