THANK YOU for your interest in volunteering with Freedom Reigns Ranch. The Ranch operates entirely on volunteers and without you, we could not exist!

The application process is simple, but can be a little lengthy. We want to ensure that those

who are volunteering with us have a heart for those the Ranch serves and we want to get to know the best fit for you within this ministry.

Let’s debunk two myths before we go any further, however:


I have to be a horse professional to volunteer


God doesn’t call the equipped, He equips the called! We’ve seen multiple times how

volunteers who have little to no horse savvy come to the Ranch wanting to help, and it’s

amazing how the Holy Spirit allows a supernatural ability to learn quickly and completely. If you

are a horse professional, you also have a lot to offer, but each Ranch does things differently.

Come with a heart to learn and you have all the prerequisites for volunteering!


I have to be a counseling professional to be a session leader


If you have a heart for those who are hurting, can share your faith and unconditional

love with participants, you are already 95% there! Though some of our session leaders are

professionals with extensive letters behind their name, most of our session leaders are simply

those who have a heart for the broken.


There are three primary ongoing volunteer roles:

1) Session Leaders - Commitment: series of six training sessions plus 6 months as a leader, 2-4 days per month (or more if desired). Self-Submitted background check required. Leading Sessions, Involvement with Mentor Groups, leading Farm Volunteers, helping with farm chores.

2) Ranch Assistants - Commitment: series of four training sessions plus 1 season, 2 days per month (or more if desired) Greeting/welcoming guests and participants, assisting session leaders if help is needed (though not actually leading sessions), help with horse feeding and barn-keeping/chores if needed.

3) Horse Care Team - Commitment: series of four training sessions plus 1 season, 2 days per month (or more if desired) Feeding and grooming horses, mucking stalls, grooming arena, general barn-keeping

Seasons are as follows:

Spring - February/March/April/Part of May

Summer - Part of May/June/July/First part of August

Autumn - Part of September/October/November/First Week in December

Statement of Faith

Freedom Reigns Ranch is a faith-based organization. Though we are not associated with any particular denomination, our Founders, Board of Directors, as well as core Volunteers believe in Jesus Christ, His saving work on the cross, the power of the Holy Spirit, the sovereignty of God and live our lives as such. We believe that our faith is best demonstrated as we “live it out” by being the hands and feet of Jesus to the participants that come to the Ranch.


We serve all participants and our fellow volunteers with the understanding that we are all created equal, as God’s children. We operate under the principles taught in scripture and conduct ourselves in accordance with the Word. All training, programs, and the structure of how we operate at the Ranch is structured according to this core belief.

Apply to Volunteer!

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You did it! Thank you for your interest in volunteering! Our volunteer coordinator will be in touch with available Round-Up dates. Please feel free to email with any questions!