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Junior Ranchers

Mentor - Encourage - Equip - Empower


Junior Ranchers is our Small Group Mentorship Program for youth ages 9-24. 

Participants are placed by age, life circumstances, and gender in groups of 6-8 individuals. Sessions are held per season twice a month for a three-hour period. Junior Ranchers learn leadership, teamwork, and horsemanship, with a focus on practical application Bible study. Junior Ranchers engage in group activities and discussions that can be applied to everyday life. The program's goal is to empower participants to step outside their own limitations of thinking, I'm too young, I don’t know enough, and I only have something to offer if I’m one step ahead of someone else and instead become confident, servant-hearted leaders. 

To ensure that we can serve as many participants as possible in the best way possible, we require anyone requesting sessions to fill out an applicationWe also require participants, parents/guardians, and any Ranch visitors to complete a waiver. Each Junior Rancher group is limited to a certain number of individuals, and all Junior Ranchers must commit to attending every session per season as lessons are cumulative.
Activities include (but are not limited to):

  • Ground work with horses

  • Riding and riding skill development

  • Basic natural horsemanship education

  • Basic, hands-on veterinary care education

  • Bible study and discussion of practical application 

  • Rehabilitation of rescue horses and horse rescue education

  • Leadership, communication, and team-building development

  • Farm chores, ranch stewardship, and basic farm equipment education



All Ranch programs are free-of-charge. We rely on the generosity of our donors to ensure we are able to help bring hope and healing to those in our community.

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