Junior Ranchers is our group mentorship program for youth ages 10-17, broken up by age group, life circumstances, and gender. Junior Ranchers engage in group leadership, teamwork, and horsemanship, with a focus on practical application Bible study.
Each week, a theme Bible verse is chosen and we break it down into our own language and every-day application, including an activity with the horses that emphasizes what the verse is teaching us. We then complete an activity that helps serve the Ranch's mission that includes some basic farm chores and horse care.


Activities include (but are not limited to):

-Basic natural horsemanship education

-Ground work with horses

-Riding and developing riding skills

-Basic veterinary  care (hands-on education)

-Assisting in the rehabilitation of rescue horses, understanding horse rescue

-Farm Chores and learning how to steward a Ranch and use basic farm equipment

-Bible study and discussion of practical application of Bible verses

-Leadership equipping, communication skills development, and team building activities

Participants are empowered to step outside of their own self-limitations of "I'm too young" and "don't know enough" to "as long as I'm just one step ahead of someone else, I have something to offer them".

An application is required for Junior Ranchers each season. Due to the intentional nature of the season, each JR group is limited to  a certain number of individuals and all Junior Ranchers must commit to missing no more than one JR day as lessons are cumulative.



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