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A Special Thank You to Our Amazing Donors

Freedom Reigns Ranch is a free ministry, thanks to our amazing donors. Whether you've been with us since the beginning or are brand new to the Ranch, we are sincerely grateful for you. We could not serve our participants without you. 

We want honor the individuals and companies who believe in Freedom Reigns enough to donate their money and products to help provide for our horses and participants.

Thank you!

We do our best to keep our donor list as up-to-date as possible. If you have donated and would like your name added to this list, please email us at

Horse Sponsors


Boston: The Jaeckle Centre

Bob: Life Spring Chiropractic

Dancer: Pascal Jouvence

Joseph: St Paul's Episcopal Church

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Pogo: Amy Springer, Claire Tyner-White, & Jessica Miracle

Remi: Joshua Moore and Katherine Woodall

Finn: Connie Martin

Company Donors

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Billy Lampley

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Private Donors


We’d also like to extend our thanks to the generous donors who chose to remain anonymous. We are grateful for you! 

  • Alex Moore

  • Alexis Hippe

  • Allison Priddy

  • Ann Lowengart

  • Barbara Jean Johnson

  • Black Tank Farm

  • Oldenburgs

  • Cindy Huff

  • Debbie Shuler

  • Dustin and Melinda Korzaan 

  • Geneva Vance

  • Heather Rolapp

  • High Brow Coffee + Tea

  • Jayme and Sherry Millard 

  • Jeanne M Galloway

  • Jennifer Clymer

  • John Muelchi

  • Julia North

  • Julie Brierley

  • Leisha Nischan

  • Linda Bourke

  • Lisa Robertson

  • LJ Wilbourn

  • Lori Nurczyk

  • Karen Hartman

  • Kelley and Ben Patient

  • Mark Mederich

  • Megan Emily

  • Megan Johnson

  • Melissa Neil Webb

  • Paige Taylor

  • Pamela Morrow

  • Pamela Parton

  • Randy and Tricia Bratton

  • Richard and Sheila Wilson

  • Rosemary Whitney

  • Samantha VanEst

  • Second Wind Farm

  • Southern Springs Veterans Club

  • Tanya and Ella Strother

  • Tecia McKenna Hedden

  • Teri Abrams Feldman

  • The Prather Family

  • Toby and Kay Kemp

  • Victor and Andrea Gian

  • Wyatt Jennings of Jennings family from Mississippi