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"My favorite thing about Freedom Reigns is the really goofy, funny, supportive, silly, and enthusiastic community and environment that everyone works to create."

- 15 year old participant, Spring 2022

"...[my daughter] told me that when she was with the horses, she felt peace. For a young girl who has been through so much and had anything except peace for the last 5 years, this was huge!"
-Parent of a Participant, Spring 2022

"When I''m at Freedom Reigns, I feel safe, loved, and deeply valued."

- 14 year old Participant, Spring 2022

“It was very eye-opening and freeing, throwing away your past with a physical, representative object. It was very empowering.”

- Group Session Participant from Mercy Multiplied, Fall 2022

“Freedom Reigns helped me believe in myself.”
-11 year old participant, Summer 2021

"She said, 'I don't know why, but I feel safe here. I feel so peaceful when I am with the horses, and the Ranch, and with you.'"
-Volunteer relaying what Participant shared, 2018

"The best thing [about Freedom Reigns] is everything! I can't choose. All together this place is epic."

- 15 year old participant, Spring 2018

"Freedom Reigns has changed my outlook on life and what this world has to offer."

- Participant, Fall 2019

“The relationships with horses and people at Freedom Reigns have made a difference in her world. She is not quick to change her opinions; yet she has become open to new ways of thinking about life and relationships.”

- Mom of a 16 year old participant, Summer 2019

"My favorite horse is Pogo. He is such a light to me and this farm. He has helped me through my ups and downs, he has helped my friends in many ways! he is a blessing and he brings pure joy to my heart!

- Participant, Fall 2019

“The [Hunter Pace] was amazing! Already planning next year's team! The hamburgers were off the chain! And the event was run so well and I greatly appreciate all the volunteers!”

- Benefit Hunter Pace participant, 2022

“Boston saved my life. Through him, I found God and grew in my faith."
- Participant, Fall 2019

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“Freedom Reigns helped my child out of the deepest depths of depression following treatment for brain cancer she had when she was only 7. Because of this amazing place and all the loving people there, she is now thriving, full of faith in the Lord, our God in Heaven. We look forward to every session.”

- Mother of 15 year old participant, Spring 2020



"Horses have taught me about God. Horses will always <3 you. Even when you mess up they just want you to keep trying. This is just like God. He never gives up on us. He will always go after us. He just wants us to keep trying. God is so awesome. His love never fails."

- Letter from Participant, Spring 2020


“Because of Freedom Reigns I’ve seen confidence grow in my daughter - she is both confident around horses and becoming more confident in dealing with life’s trials as well. Those are skills that can’t be taught in school- sometimes only the love of a horse can bring them out.”
-Parent of a Participant, 2021

“When I’'m at the Ranch with the horses, I feel a calm come over my body, as I can finally be still.”

-Teen Participant, Summer 2021

"Serving alongside each other in a such a tangible way—getting dirty, hauling hay, and weedeating round pens—may seem insignificant, but for my husband and me, it has been so powerful. In the future, when hard situations arise, I know Josiah and I will be able to work together, with Christ, to overcome those challenges because of what we’ve accomplished already at the Ranch. We’ve learned to communicate better, and I learned how to follow Josiah’s leadership when I’m unsure how to proceed."– Brie, Volunteer (2017)


"Thank you to the sponsors and donors who help keep such an amazing place so awesome. I'm thankful that they can make it possible for so many amazing things to happen. Without their help, I could've never met so many wonderful people in such a loving environment. The Ranch has encouraged me to be myself. All of the people I have met here at the Ranch have made me into who I am now."

- Letter from Participant, 2019

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