Family Sessions

Bringing Hope and Fun to Difficult Circumstances

Family Sessions are an exciting new program starting at the Ranch in the spring of 2022. These sessions will offer an opportunity for families dealing with relational challenges to step out of their routine and into the Ranch setting. Biological parents, foster parents, or guardians can request a session, which will be facilitated by a Ranch mentor. Sessions can focus on topics like teamwork, respect, communicating emotions, problem-solving, or boundaries—or, families can simply use this time as a bright spot in the midst of turmoil.    
After time with the horses, the family and their mentor will share a discussion around a campfire (complete with s’mores!) to bring closure to the session and encourage continued healthy interaction between family members.  


All Ranch programs are free-of-charge. We rely on the generosity of our donors to ensure we are able to help bring hope and healing to those in our community.

For more information on Family Sessions offered in the Spring of 2022, email

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