About Freedom Reigns Ranch

The Mission


Igniting hope, with the help of a horse.


At Freedom Reigns Ranch, we provide mentor sessions to children and young adults who have experienced trauma and other life challenges. All sessions are completely free of charge.

The Ranch also serves as a foster home for horses recovering from abuse and neglect in Middle Tennessee. Participants have the opportunity to assist in rehabilitating and caring for these horses.

The Heart of the Ranch

We are a non-denominational, Christian program. We believe that God sent His one and only Son, Jesus Christ, to the world to be our Savior; that when we accept Jesus as the Lord of our lives, we are forgiven for our sins and adopted into the family of God; and that our salvation is eternally secured by His mercy.


We seek to serve those in need because we are incredibly grateful for what God has done for us, and we serve others by putting our faith into action. We don’t “preach”—instead, we live as vessels, letting Christ’s love to flow through our actions.


Freedom Reigns is a safe, loving environment where kids and young adults can experience a retreat from everyday life and where Christ’s love restores their hope.

What We Do

Freedom Reigns Ranch offers four types of faith-based mentoring sessions that use horses to ignite hope:

While our programs are geared toward children and young adults who have been through trauma or challenging circumstances, they are open to everyone.


In each individual or group session, participants are guided by a mentor and paired with a horse. Horses are, by nature, relational animals whose desire to engage is based on trust. In herds, horses give up control and accept vulnerability, with the expectation that the herd will protect them from harm. Horse–human partnerships are based on the same dynamic. Participants build trust with the horse and, in doing so, build trust within themselves.


Freedom Reigns understands that every participant deals with his or her own set of unique challenges, and session leaders work hard to adapt programming to meet the individual needs of each child during their visit. Typically, Individual Sessions last 90 minutes, Junior Ranchers lasts 3 hours, and all Sessions are scheduled on a monthly or bimonthly basis, as the Ranch is not a residential facility. 
We offer all sessions completely free of charge, thanks to our wonderful volunteers and donors. No horse experience is necessary; in fact, the only requirement is that participants want to come!


While we do not wish to turn anyone away, there are a limited number of sessions available each month. There is currently a waitlist, so we ask that you please pray with us as we navigate how to serve your family. While we cannot guarantee a session right away for everyone who wants one, Freedom Reigns does its best to accommodate as
many participants as possible while maintaining the intentionality and quality we currently have with each participant.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are not a professional counseling agency. We operate as volunteer mentors who believe true hope and healing are found in Jesus Christ. We believe that counseling and therapy are important aspects of healing from trauma, and we encourage participants to pursue professional counseling.


Freedom Reigns Ranch would not be possible without the amazing volunteers who give their time and energy to help keep the Ranch running smoothly. We have many volunteer opportunities, and we match volunteers with the right opportunity for them—whether that’s mentoring participants, working with the horses, or helping with other Ranch projects.

We always need more volunteers, and we welcome people from all walks of life to lend us their talents and service. See the full list of volunteer roles.
If you would like to volunteer as a family or you have younger children who want to volunteer, please check out upcoming Community Work Days.