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Partially Sponsored by the Brandt family, Claire Tyner-White, and Jessica Miracle.

DOB: May 10, 1999

Arrived: May 16, 2016

Breed: Welsh Cobb Pony

Sponsor: Pogo needs more sponsors! Partially sponsored by Claire Tyner-White and Jessica Miracle. 

Pogo used to live with the Brandt family and had his own little girl. Together, they competed in the discipline of eventing. Pogo was well-cared for, but he had a bit of a mischievous streak. One day, he got himself into trouble and suffered a deep cut to his hind leg. Thankfully, the wound healed because of his owners’ and trainer’s excellent care, although it left a large scar on his leg. A few months after the injury, Freedom Reigns Ranch took over Pogo’s care. Kids often ask about his big scar, and it helps many of them realize how God can restore and heal us from our wounds just like Pogo has recovered from his injury. Pogo is now a steady and reliable session pony, and (for the most part), he stays out of trouble these days. He will also do anything for a cookie!

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