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Fully Sponsored by an anonymous angel


DOB: 2007

Arrived: November 16, 2016

Breed: Criollo

Height: 14.3hh

Sponsor: Fully sponsored by anonymous donor!

This gelding was abandoned in a small, outdoor dog kennel for over a month when his owner became addicted to drugs and fled the house. Fortunately, caring neighbors and the local horse community stepped in to save him. A rescue family took him in—and quickly realized he would be a perfect fit for Freedom Reigns. Freedom was scared of people at first, but through natural horsemanship and constant, consistent training, he has become much more trusting. He’s even engaging in things that used to scare him! When Ranch participants learned the horse’s story, they named him Freedom. Freedom needs people to use very controlled, quiet movements so he can feel his most confident, and when participants take active measures to relax, so does he. Freedom loves to simply have his head held next to someone's chest—and to eat treats, of course!

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