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In need of sponsorship!

DOB: May 7th, 2021

Arrived: September 30th, 2021

Breed: Standard Donkey

Sponsor: Still looking for that perfect match!

This little donkey is our youngest herd member at 7 months old and quickly claimed our hearts. Born from an emaciated, 30 year-old mare, it is a miracle that both Flair and his mother survived. As a result of his difficult start, Flair has a cleft palate and flared nose which only adds to his adorable demeanor. Flair LOVES having his ears scratched and enjoys exploring the barn and pasture. We anticipate once he is fully grown he will be suitable to be a riding donkey for sessions. Donkeys require care and training that is different from horses, so we are thrilled to get to start him from the beginning! Thank you to Jenny Raabe-Eastep for entrusting us with this precious life. Thank you to his foster mom, Bonnie, who cared for him before being weaned from his mom.

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