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Partially sponsored by Mike Snyder

DOB: 2007

Arrived: October 6th, 2021

Breed: Registered Spotted Draft

Height: 17.2 hh

Sponsor: Buddy needs more sponsors! Partially sponsored by Mike Snyder

Buddy's former owner is in the final stages of terminal cancer and his wish was for each of his beloved horses to find good homes. The incredible folks he entrusted with that task were true to their word. Through a rescue connection, he learned about us and we welcomed Buddy into our herd. What a somber joy it is to get to be a part of helping to say that his horse will be well-loved by so many. Please be praying for peace and comfort as Buddy’s human of going on 14 years passes from this life into his eternal life. We decided it was important to honor the legacy left by his former human and keep the name he has had his entire life. Buddy fits the need for a strong, steady mount with a kind demeanor that anyone can ride...including the dads that join their kids in sessions! We are so grateful for him!

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