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Looking Back

Looking back:

Do you find yourself looking back at the past few weeks wondering how we got here?

In the bombardment of media, numbers, orders and mandates, time has seemed to speed up and stand still all at once. In the midst of it all, maybe you’ve also paused to look back and realize that your faith has slipped a bit too.

As discouragement, some fear, and the chaos of a lack of schedule and normal create the perfect breeding ground for doubting the goodness of God, I’m reminded of a quote I heard a while back that altered my belief about fear:

“Fear is the suspicion that God is not good”

Friends, as we continue throughout this temporary “new normal”, let’s never fall into the trap of thinking God is not good and His heart is not for us.... indeed it is and always has been.

As you navigate these days, seek to stir your faith: serve others, sing of the goodness of God, build your faith by recounting His faithfulness in your life, read about His faithfulness in scripture..... and if you find yourself coming up at a loss, reach out and ask others you trust to help hold your arms up. Even individuals of great faith had to have others help them when they were weary.

We are in unprecedented times for this generation and it’s ok to be unsure- find God right there in the middle of it with you.

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