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Letter from a Mom

     Hello.  I am a mom and an individual who received and is receiving the benefits of the ministry at Freedom Reigns. My kids and myself, we came to Freedom Reins needing freedom.  We needed to be believed in and supported in order to move forward in our lives individually and as a family.  The trauma and hurts we have were so overwhelming when we came that we struggled to function and none of us could trust. None of us even laughed. With Ms Carissa, her team and the horses, God brought all five of us out of that dark place.  Through their patience, love and encouragement we can laugh, give and receive love and build trust again.  My youngest two still struggle to build friendships and the Junior Rancher program has brought them leaps and bounds in this area of their lives.  

     If you are a current or past giver Thank You for your gracious gift!!  I will forever be grateful for your loving ministry to my children and I. I appreciate you coming along side my family through these difficult times.

     If you are considering giving, please know that real people like my family actually grow, benefit and are gratefully moving forward in life due to this amazing ministry of love and healing.  

     I may never be able to thank any of you personally in this life, but I pray that God will bless you for giving in faith and reaching out to those of us in need of this ministry.  I look forward to the opportunity to hug you in heaven for your act of kindiness, love and healing!  Thank you!!

In God's Humble Service,


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