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Finn's Letter to God

"In an exercise emphasizing prayer and talking to God, we had our Junior Ranchers write prayers from the horses' perspective. We told them to think of something that their horse would thank God for and for something they would ask God for.

Abbie (a 14-year-old participant) wrote this beautiful letter from our horse, Finn's perspective. Finn is known as our "gentle giant," calm and content who would do anything you asked him to...but, like many of us, he has his off days. That evening, we did an activity involving bringing your horse through an obstacle course. It wasn't an easy task at all and we had the girls pick a horse they knew really well to help them accomplish the course. Abbie and her partner chose Finn. Normally, Finn makes our job easy because he is so in tune with what we would like him to do. But that night, Finn was very "off". He wasn't understanding the cues, he didn't want to move his feet, and our gentle giant left his partners feeling confused and a little frustrated at this behavior that was very unlike Finn.

During our discussion time, Abbie used this encounter to inspire her prayer from Finn's perspective. What she described reminded me of what a lot of us go through too. Do you have moments where you also feel "off"? When you know something in your heart is wrong and you are behaving in a way other than yourself? It's difficult to know how to handle this and oftentimes we react by lashing out or withdrawing from others.

I think Abbie had the right idea for Finn - when we feel wrong or "off", we should turn to God and ask for His help. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal what is wrong in your heart. Is it sin? Is it a past wound you have buried? Psalm 40 says He hears your cry for help (v. 1) and He will not withhold His compassion from you (v. 11). Ask Him how to bring yourself back to equilibrium. Do you need rest? Do you need to go talk with someone you trust? Do you just need to tell God where it hurts? I don't know what you're walking through or what you're struggling with but God does. He wants to help you work through it."

"As for me, I am poor and needy, but the Lord takes thought for me. You are my help and my deliverer; do not delay, O my God!" -Psalm 40:17

-Written by Rachel Moore, Executive Assistant

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