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The Process:

1) Fill out the waiver (click here for the online waiver) and application (click here for the full application online) and feel free to email with any questions

2) Follow up with a phone call to 615-721-2550 within one week to arrange a time to meet

3) If you are wanting to volunteer as a Session Leader, please run and email a copy of a self-submitted criminal background check (if you need help on suggestions of who to run this through please reach out to us).

4) Submit letters of recommendation from at least two of your leaders (IE Pastor, Supervisor, Teacher, Boss, Mentor) via email to

5) Meet! A time, at or outside of the Ranch setting, will be set up to talk with you about volunteering and get a better understanding of who you are. From there, further details will be discussed about availability, when to start volunteering, ask and answer any questions you have.

6) START! Individual training as well as group training and shadowing opportunities will be available- come with a teachable spirit and we will help you learn all you desire to! You’ll probably find out that you gain far more than you give :)

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