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Lessons from a Donkey

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

"Some of you might have met our little donkey, Flair. He is only a year old, full of mischief, and has a gaping nostril which earned his name. Flair also has a silly nickname that he has earned, Mr. Flinch. When Flair first came to us he had the strangest habit of flinching away from any movement. We didn’t know why and couldn’t figure out why any of our movements caused his head to toss and him to stumble back like you just bopped him in the nose. With the help of an amazing donkey trainer, Flair has finally gained his confidence and will now shove his way towards you and demand scratches. We credit his best friend, our sweet extrovert, Joseph, for teaching him that people are great and to be sought after. But I think that instinct was always there…

Flair had to fight for his life from the start. His mama, a gray donkey with the longest ears we had ever seen, was extremely emaciated and elderly at 30 years old (the equivalent of 90 human years). The threat of death hung over both of them as she struggled to give him the nourishment he needed in the womb. What many might have written off as a sure tragedy, God saw an opportunity to show His miraculous hand. Like God asked Abraham in Genesis 18, “Is anything too hard for the Lord?”

The little infant donkey AND his mother survived and now Flair wears the evidence of a miracle on his face through a cleft lip and a flared nostril. We were ecstatic to bring home the wonder donkey who fought against the odds and won. Now he lives his life as a curious, nosy little yearling who occasionally has a “flinch attack.” But we noticed from the very first day he came there is one thing he has never flinched away from. He has never run from love. Flair accepts affection no matter where it comes from whether it’s a delighted kid squeezing him in a bear hug, a herd of adoring admirers surrounding him, or a simple scratch in the ears (not on. IN. He LOVES it when you rub inside of his great big ears!). Flair loves to be loved. And we love to give it.

Isn’t that how God loves us too? He gave us our little Flair-Flair because He knew how much we would adore him. God lavishes His love onto us and He relishes in giving it. He loves us so much that He put thought into crafting us with so much intricacy and fun, unique qualities. Every life is a miracle that He chose to give us. Just like our donkey, Flair."

"I think Flair would thank God for making him unique. God has a special plan and purpose for him." -Emerson, 12 yo Junior Rancher

-Written by Rachel Moore, Executive Assistant

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