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A True Miracle

This picture shouldn’t exist.

Bob shouldn’t be alive, but God had other plans.

I need to give credit where credit is due, and this was undeniably Jesus.

I don’t know where you stand on God, or miracles, but I simply want to share what happened last night for your consideration.

I was woken up by a thumping noise in the barn. At first I thought it was just a horse rolling or getting aggressive with their feed bag. I drifted back to sleep only to sit up wide awake as it continued it sounded abnormal. I went out to the barn to find Bob, our beloved session horse who is recovering from a DDFT tear, cast in his stall and unable to free himself. He was drenched in sweat and had clearly been there for some time.

I immediately grabbed a rope, looping it around his far hindlimb to flip him. Once flipped he hopped up, and then laid right back down and proceeded to try to roll- classic colic. After bringing him to his feet I checked his gums and my heart sank- they were pure white. He then lay down again and bit at his sides. This was serious.

I immediately gave him banamine (a pain medicine), called the vet (who graciously responded at 1:00am), and he was on his way after getting the vehicle at the clinic. On the phone we talked about the fact that this was likely a twisted/flipped colon and euthanasia would be necessary. Bob's symptoms told me it was life-threatening.

In order to keep Bob from continuing to roll and to try to make him more comfortable I hosed him off and then brought him back to a clean stall and put the fan on him. He continued to stretch out, nip at his sides, lay, and want to roll which indicated extreme pain.

I sat down with him while he was laying down and, time stamped at 2:00am, took what I thought was going to be my last picture of our precious Bob. He was in so much pain.

I then prayed and simply said, “Jesus, if it’s Your will would you please heal him?” It was a helpless prayer, and if I’m honest, marked with total doubt.

I told Bob I loved him, I was so sorry he was in so much pain, and I wish I could do more.

I started thinking about the heartache of having to tell everyone, especially the session kids and volunteers who claim him as “their” horse. So many of them pulling for him to come out of this stall-bound injury only for him to succumb to colic. I thought the work group that was supposed to arrive at 9am and needing to cancel it and having to devastatingly say why.

After what was probably another 20 minutes, a light-bulb moment. I realized Bob hadn’t been biting at his sides anymore or stretching out since he got back up.

I checked his gums and they were pink. My brain was trying to process it as I saw Dr. Mark’s lights in the driveway.

I went to open the gate, we walked into the barn, and there was Bob, standing as content as could be.

I told Dr. Mark in a bewildered tone “Well, he seems to be doing much better. I don’t know how. His gums were white, he was stretching out and nipping at his sides and laying down and trying to roll. But now I think he might be ok?”

We walked into his stall and he examined him-

All vitals back to normal. Good gut sounds. Gums are good color and circulation good. Still shocked, I told him "I think he's ok now?". Dr. Mark affirmed that it didn't sound good when he talked to me on the phone about 90 minutes prior. We talked about the fact that based on when I called, and the symptoms Bob was experiencing, we thought we were going to be putting him down.

With Bob appearing to be back to normal, Dr. Mark headed back out.

I closed the gate, walked back to the barn, and stood there astonished. Bob reached out for scratches under his chin in his favorite spot and I simply laughed. Jesus actually healed him. Like literally actually saved him from having to be euthanized.

So really, that picture should exist.

Because God said it should.

Because He has decided that Bob’s time on earth loving kids well and being an example of His love is not yet complete.

Next time you see Bob at the Ranch, know you are looking at a miracle.

-Written by Carissa Ramsdell (Founder and Director)

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