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A Peek into Sessions: Testimonials from Session Leaders

I hope you are as blessed as I was by experiencing the impact of leading Individual Sessions from two of our Leaders, Allison and Lisa. I love the range of perspectives presented by each of them, Allison being new to Sessions and Lisa having been with her participant for several years. God uses anyone who is willing to serve Him whether they are brand new or a veteran in ministry. All you have to do is allow Him to lead you.

"It was my first time being a Session Leader so needless to say I was nervous! My participant, Haley*, had never been to the ranch before and never even touched a horse! She was reserved and, I'm sure, equally as nervous as I was just for different reasons. After introducing her to all the horses and getting to know what she would like to do that Session, Haley decided she wanted to try to saddle and get on a horse! She chose Bob, our resident mustang, to work with. Knowing Bob, it could be a little difficult to get close enough to him to catch him at times. I let her know that Bob can be tricky to catch as we proceeded to the pasture to make our attempt. We walked up to the fence and Bob met us there! He let her pet him and allowed me to put his halter on without any mischief! He was calm and gentle with her. By the end of the Session, she had saddled, mounted, and walked a couple laps in the arena on Bob. That just put a huge smile on her face as well as mine! God planned for all of that to happen, and I know that left such a positive mark on her. Bob was just what she needed and gave her the confidence to go from never touching a horse to riding one!"

- Written by Allison Priddy, Volunteer Session Leader and BOD member

"The most memorable time for me at the ranch is when my participant, Lainey*, went from being afraid of the horses to riding the biggest one at the ranch!! Bareback at that!! Together, Lainey and I have come such a long way. We have learned so much from each other. We have had lots of accomplishments and even some mistakes that taught us so much!! A few things we have learned from each other and the horses are confidence, boundaries, trust, respect, transparency, and just some plain 'ole hard work!!"

-Written by Lisa Robertson, Volunteer Session Leader

*names changed to protect identity.

We are always looking for volunteers to lead Sessions and help with Horse Care! For more info, click the button below!

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