$225 is a half-sponsorship of one session horse for one month. Horse sponsorship enables us to fully cover the expenses of each individual session horse in the program: from regular veterenary and farrier care, to feed, suppliments, pasture maintenance, and necessary products such as fly spray, brushes, and blankets. If you'd like to donate a different amount or have your donation recur monthly, please use the donate button featured above.
Simply choose your amount and check the "monthly" box. 

$225 Half Horse Sponsorship

  • Horse sponsorship is a contribution of $50+ per month for a partial sponsorship (full sponsorship of a horse is 5400 per year). To show our appreciation, anyone who is a horse sponsor for 3 months or greater  will receive a professional photograph of your sponsored horse, a special one-of-a-kind shoe that is decorated by one of our volunteers who spends time with the horse you've sponsored as well as quarterly updates on how your horse is helping impact and change the lives of participants at the Ranch. Please note: sending this appreciation packet takes about 8 weeks after your sponsorship begins to allow us time to have a participant create your special gift.

    At the heart of the Ranch are our horses. Horses are what often draw participants to the Ranch, they're who God uses to help break down barriers very quickly to allow hope to enter a hurting heart. Horse Sponsorship is the main way in which the program is funded and allows us to continue to offer sessions completely free-of-charge to all who come to the Ranch. The five primary horses we currently have at the Ranch come from a variety of backgrounds: loved and well cared for since birth, misunderstood and abused, to neglected with a completely unknown past. Often, participants end up seeing themselves in their horse's story, taking comfort in being with their new equine friend as they begin to allow some of their story to be revealed. Each horse provides 1-2 sessions per operating day at the Ranch and is loved on for countless hours longer. The long term vision for the ministry includes using rescued horses for sessions and we saw this begin in November 2016 with our first rescue "Freedom".

    Though we don't subscribe to one clinician or method, we use a lot of "natural horsemanship" elements in our program. We've found that our horses respond best when we seek to understand their language- not the other way around. Often, our participants are also able to draw lessons about relationships, boundaries, being fully present/mindfulness, respect, trust, and confidence in learning how to relate to horses in this way.

    Please consider how you can partner in hope and healing by sponsoring one of our "angels in horsehair". Providing each horse with hay and feed, veterinary care, necessary supplements, farrier (hoof) care, tack and extra care as needed is possible because of our incredible Equine Sponsors and we greatly appreciate every one!

    This agreement in no way entitles sponsor to ownership and/or exclusive privileges in any way to sponsored animal or ranch property. Freedom Reings Ranch accepts all liability, expressed and/or implied, for sponsored equine. Sponsor has the right to cancel this agreement with a 30 day notice to Freedom Reigns Ranch by emailing theranch@freedomreignsranch.com. All monies received from sponsor to date of cancellation remain the property of Freedom Reigns Ranch. Please note that there may be more than one sponsor per equine.