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Important Session Notice

Attendance Policy Note: Now that our waiting list has grown to 100+ applicants with a minimum of 12 months wait, in order to maximize the time spent at the ranch we need participants to commit to attending every session within a season. When you see your schedule, if you know of any absences your child will have, we kindly ask that you respectfully withdraw from sessions and upon request your child will be added to the waitlist. If a participant is more than 15 minutes late or must leave Sessions more than 15 minutes early (unless there is an extenuating circumstance that affects the group such as a major accident on the interstate) it will be considered an absence. We are unable to hold spots in sessions should your child not participate for the season.


If there is a sudden case of illness or family emergency (death, injury, communicable disease, etc) then we will show grace for that one session missed provided a call or email is received that evening to let us know. Unfortunately, we will not be able to allow a second absence.

You must CALL (not text) or email to let us know if your child will miss. Please leave a message if the phone is not answered. The number is (615) 721-2550 and email is If we receive no word from you if your child is absent, your child will automatically be withdrawn from the program and an email will be sent alerting you of this. 

Volunteering: If your child is desiring to be at the Ranch more and looking for opportunities to grow in serving, we welcome them to look into joining our Junior Volunteer program in which they will train for, and be assigned a scheduled volunteer position at Freedom Reigns Ranch. Please note, these are not riding positions at any time and working with horses is limited to general care. Participants must be 15 years or older to volunteer independently or may train and volunteer with a parent/guardian if 14 and under.

Riding/Equitation: If your participants are looking to grow in horsemanship and advance in riding, we have a list of riding academies and programs that we can recommend within our community that we have personally vetted and determined to be encouraging atmospheres with great equine care for advancing in horsemanship and equitation.

Thank you for reading the Session Notice in its entirety and for your understanding as we work to continue offering sessions at maximum capacity. We appreciate your support and ask for your continued prayers as we continue to search for land of our own.

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Is your participant interested in learning about becoming a volunteer at Freedom Reigns Ranch? (ages 15+ independently, ages 9-14 with parent/guardian)

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