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DOB 5/22/1999

Anglo-Arabian (Arabian/Thoroughbred)

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Boston is one of those once-in-a-lifetime horses who has a willingness to try anything. Having been characterized by a string of previous owners and trainers as “mean” “uncontrollable” “crazy” and “worthless”, Carissa purchased him in 2009 and through patience, trust, and the guidance of some amazing horsewomen; channeling that energy into Eventing and Show Jumping for a several years, Boston is now a most trusted session horse.

His favorite treat is either an apple bran muffin or a poweraid slush. He loves galloping across an open field, and knows how to bow and give kisses for cookies.


Unknown 2002, arrived 3/27/2017

Appendix (Quarter Horse/Thoroughbred

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Dancer spent most of his life in a loving home with Zoey Druckenmiller. As a part of a lesson program, he was relied on to help many different people learn the ropes of riding and helped give them the confidence they needed to move up to other more challenging horses. Zoey told us that his life hasn’t always been great and that when she got him there was a process of bringing him back to full health. She purchased him from a "horse trader" (someone who buys horses really cheap and then resells them very quickly to unsuspecting people for profit without regard to the horse’s needs). He was underweight and had a painful skin infection all over his back called “rain rot”. She gave him the care and love he needed and he thrived! Dancer joins Freedom Reigns Ranch as a session horse who truly enjoys being loved on by many different people, so we know he will thrive at the Ranch!
At the Ranch, Dancer has become a star session horse! He truly loves his job and he seems to know it's his responsibility to ensure participants feel safe and confident and he is so gentle with them. He is quite vocal, always nickering when someone comes to greet him, and loves his bath time.


DOB Unknown 2007, arrived 11/16/16

Quarter Horse

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Abandoned in a small outdoor dog pen for over a month when his owner became addicted to drugs, Freedom (named by participants) was rescued from his situation when the horse community stepped in to save him. His rescuing family took him in and then realized that, despite the obstacles of fear and trust he would have to work through, he would be a perfect fit for Freedom Reigns.
Freedom's story is still being written. He is now physically well, and making significant strides to being emotionally well! When he first got to the Ranch he was afraid of small spaces, a stick (crop/whip), and very over-reactive to any movement but through the use of natural horsemanship techniques and constant and consistent work, he has become much more trusting and is engaging in the things that used to scare him.
He is a favorite of participants, especially for those dealing with anxiety and fear in their own life. Working with Freedom requires very controlled and quiet movement for him to feel most confident and he visibly shows physical changes when participants take active measures to relax themselves. His favorite thing is to simply have his head held next to someones chest, and he has finally learned how to eat treats! We're excited for what the future of this precious horse holds!


DOB 5/10/1999, arrived 5/2016

Welch Cobb

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Pogo came from family that loves him dearly. He had his own little girl and together they showed in the discipline of Eventing: It’s a fun and competitive equine sport that demands a horse be a well rounded individual. He was well cared for but had a bit of a mischievous streak and one day ended up getting his leg torn up pretty badly. Thankfully, the deep wound healed well because of his owner’s and trainer’s excellent care. We took over Pogo’s care a few months after the injury and kids often ask about his big scar. We hope that the kids will gain insight as they realize how God can restore and heal us from our wounds as they see how Pogo has recovered from his severe injury.

Gideon Leil

DOB Unknown 2011, arrived 7/22/2017

Selle Francias/Thoroughbred/Quarter Horse

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Gideon was entrusted to Freedom Reigns from Safe Harbor Equine and Livestock Sanctuary. Originally "Leil", he was pulled from a kill pen in Kansas. Due to no fault of their own, thousands of horses each year end up in the terrifying predicament of being unwanted and surrendered to auctions. "Kill buyers" purchase these horses for a mere few hundred dollars at most; they are mercilessly loaded onto crowded trucks and transported over the Mexican or Canadian border to be slaughtered for human consumption. Aside ethical implications and the fact that humane horse slaughter is impossible, their meat is tainted with chemicals and drugs that are toxic to humans.
Gideon was one of the lucky few that was able to be saved just in time and now finds his home with us. His story gives a very tangible example of what Jesus has done in our own lives. We were helpless and without hope of being saved, destined for certain death. That is, until Jesus came and paid our ransom in full, guaranteeing us life in Christ as we choose to lay hold of it.
We are excited to see how this young horse develops and thrives under the love and care of our volunteers and know his story will connect in a deep way as we share the love of Jesus with all who come to the Ranch.